Report: 'Octomom' Home Investigated


Photographs leaked to TMZ by the former hairdresser of "Octomom" Nadya Suleman purport to show the mother of 14 and her children living in "squalor."

According to the gossip site, the hairdresser showed photos she took of the La Habra, California home to cops Tuesday afternoon, and also filed a formal complaint with the department.

Calls to Suleman's attorney Jeff Czech by were not immediately returned.

The snaps purportedly show a home that is filthy and marked up with spray paint graffiti which seems to have been done by Suleman's children.  There are also photos of some of Octomom's kids using a potty outdoors, because as TMZ reports the home's plumbing "is shot."

Another picture shows Suleman modeling her just-done hair - while in the background a chair is seen jammed under the doorknob of the kids' room in what is described as an effort to prevent them from getting out.

Cops checked out the home Tuesday and determined the kids weren't in danger, but Child Protective Services will reportedly be paying Suleman's abode a visit.

Sergeant Baylos of  La Hambra Police Dept told that their investigation into the allegation of "general neglect" at Nadya Suleman's home is finished. They found nothing to substantiate neglect. No comment from Child Services.  Baylos confirms La Hambra PD did visit the home this week.