Snackman Video: Subway Superhero Breaks Up Fight

                                                                         (Image Credit: Eitan Noy/YouTube)

A hungry hero inserted himself between two brawling New York City subway passengers while he continued to pop cheddar Pringles into his mouth.

The chomping champion of subway safety who stands 6-feet-tall was calm and collected as he was captured on video standing between a man and a woman who had traded kicks and punches.

The video, which has logged over one million views since it was posted on April 2, gave birth to a new superhero: Snackman.

The grazing guardian is Charles Sonder, a 24-year-old architect who lives in New York City.

Sonder told Manhattan news site DNAinfo he didn't think of anything other to do than just step between the fighting pair.

"That's when I stepped between them and just stood there," he said. "I didn't want them to accidentally hit anyone on the train."

Eitan Noy, 25, was sitting nearby and took a video of the fight, which happened on March 29. Noy posted the video a few days later to Youtube, but the video didn't go viral until this week.

Noy said he was too focused on getting the fight on camera to notice Sonder was noshing on chips and Gummi Bears.

"It didn't really occur to me that seriously until after I was watching the video," he told "Then I watched it and I couldn't believe what was going on. The guy just stood there and ate chips the whole time."

Snackman has joined a special realm of internet meme celebrity that has most recently been enjoyed by Ridiculously Photogenic Guy.

"Fight needs breaking up, chips in," one read.

"There's a massive brawl on the subway, Snackman," another said, with the response: "It's crunch time!"

Snackman, who like Clark Kent, has a day job, was unable to be reached for comment.