Texas Woman Twitter Taunts Cops, Lands In Jail

                                                                                      (Image Credit: KTRK/ABC News)

When running from the law, perhaps it's best not to tweet about it.

Police in Pearland, Texas, caught up with Mahogany Mason-Kelly, 20, after the college student tweeted:

"I still gotta warrant in pearland..those pigs will NEVER catch me!!!…NEVER!!!"

Lt. Onesimo Lopez of the Pearland Police Department said officers frequently search for keywords such as "Pearland" to "keep abreast of what's going on in town."

"This tweet came up. The officer saw it, took a picture and printed it out and gave it to warrant officers," Lopez told ABCNews.com.

On Thursday, officers verified they had three active warrants for traffic offenses and failure to appear in court against the taunting tweeter.

By Friday, Mason-Kelly was in police custody and in even deeper trouble than she thought.

Police discovered they were holding warrants for someone believed to be her sister, Turquoise Kelly.

"Our officers found they had arrested Turquoise last May, pulled up the booking photo and realized it was Mahogany," Lopez said.

Mason-Kelly admitted she gave her sister's name when she was pulled over during a traffic stop last year because she knew she had warrants for her own arrest, Lopez said.

That plan backfired when a police background check found Turquoise Kelly had an active warrant, and her sister, posing as her, was taken into custody where she illegally signed forms.

Mahogany Mason-Kelly was slapped with $1,877 in fines and $4,000 in bonds for her outstanding warrants.

She will appear in court on charges of tampering with a government record.

Attempts to reach Mason-Kelly for comment were unsuccessful and her Twitter account has since been deleted.