Vermont Governor Chased By Four Bears

Vermont Gov. Peter Shumlin says he was in bed Wednesday night when he heard something outside of his Montpelier home. He went outside and found four bears attacking his bird-feeders.

"He went through the kitchen and out the back door to scare the bears away," the governor's spokeswoman Sue Allen said. "There were two adult bears and two cubs."

Shumlin then proceeded to bring all bird-feeders inside the house when one of the bears charged towards him.

"The bear got within three feet of him before he was able to shut the door," Allen said.

The governor's Montpelier house is 10-15 minutes from the nearest residential area.

Shumlin was unharmed.

"No harm to the bears or the governor," Allen said. "He's urging all Vermonters to bring in feeders at night and don't put them up in the spring."