Couple Married 64 Years Wears Matching Outfits for 35 of Them

ABC News

Mel and Joey Schwanke have been married for 64 years.

That's a feat just on its own, but what the Fremont, Omaha, couple have done for the last 35 years of their marriage is another accomplishment altogether.

Every day for the past 35 years, the fabric of his tie has been an exact match to that of her dress. They have 146-custom made outfits matching just like that.

"We don't dare go somewhere without (being in) matching outfits," Mel Schwanke, 86, told ABC News affiliate KETV 7 in Omaha. "Every day, my tie matches her dress."

And the patterns on those matching outfits are often floral, because the pair owned an area flower shop for 60 years.

The couple had a closet specially built when they built their home, and each day they go through the process of selecting 81-year-old Joey's dress, and her husband's tie, KETV reported.

The pair said they've been matching outfits for so long that they don't remember how it first started.