Katie Couric Greets Queen Elizabeth Before Diamond Jubilee

Credit: Lewis Whyld/Pool/AP Photo

ABC News' Katie Couric described her presentation to Queen Elizabeth II today on "World News," saying her majesty was quiet, lovely and charming.

"She was really shmoozing with her guests - although I don't think she would use the word 'shmoozing' - but she was chatting with her guests for nearly two hours this afternoon," said Couric, who met the queen during a garden party at Buckingham Palace. "I had no idea what to expect. She looked beautiful."

On May 29, Couric will anchor a two-hour show to mark the queen's 60-year reign - a celebration called the Diamond Jubilee.

The special will feature interviews with TRH The Duke of Cambridge Prince William, Prince Harry, The Duke of York Prince Andrew, and Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie .  The broadcast will also give viewers special access inside Buckingham Palace.

Couric also said that Queen Elizabeth had expressed interest in watching the special next week.

"She approves everything that's being done so I think she was well aware of our efforts and when she says she'd like to watch, I think she really means it and I hope she'll watch the special when we send it to her," Couric said.

"I've interviewed a lot of people … but interviewing royalty, you do get a bit nervous but they could not have been nicer," she said.