Vigilante Bicyclist Sees Stolen Bike on Craigslist, Steals It Back

A Washington, D.C., man took justice into his own hands this week, when he stole back his bicycle after seeing a photo of it posted on Craigslist.

Danny Lesh told ABC News affiliate WJLA that he recently lent his 14-year-old Cannondale bicycle to a friend, who locked it up with a cable bike lock that was easily cut through by an enterprising thief.

After the $600 bike was stolen, Lesh checked Craigslist and found a post advertising his bike on sale for $100. He immediately recognized the custom stickers and pedals.

"I was furious, I was furious, but I was also determined at that point. I knew that I was pretty close to getting it back," Lesh told the station.

Lesh arranged to go see the bike in person, intending to buy it back, but realized that he had a better idea.

"I said, 'Well, can I take it for a test ride?' This guy agreed to let me take it for a test ride," he explained.

Lesh took his own bicycle for a test ride, and never came back. The thief, with whom Lesh had arranged the meeting by cellphone, began calling Lesh and threatening to call the police.

"I stole it. I stole my bike back from the thief," he said.

Lesh joins a handful of clever victims who have realized that their stolen goods may show up on the popular website, including Colorado resident Kathryn Lucas, who found her stolen bike on Craigslist and practiced the same vigilante justice last year.

In Portland, Ore., an entire task force in the police department has been created to retrieve stolen goods from Craigslist.