Double Trouble for Twin Bank Robbers

Image credit: Suffolk County Police

A pair of identical twins is in double trouble after allegedly being caught red-handed minutes after a Long Island bank heist went bust. And it was their second such heist, according to police.

The bumbling brothers were charged Thursday with robbery, a day after their arrest near the Chase bank branch police say they knocked over in Centereach, N.Y.

Cops picked up twins, Daniel and Cory Amarosa, 21, moments after one allegedly robbed the bank and brother fled the scene without him.

Police were tipped off the brothers might be up to no good after a passerby saw the duo looking shifty in the bank's parking lot and alerted police.

"A passerby on his way home from the bank noticed one of the brothers, Daniel, get out of the car and pull a hoodie over his head," Suffolk County Police Lt. Greg McVeigh told ABC News. "He thought that was pretty unusual given the warm weather," he said noting it was around 80 degrees at the time.

Daniel entered the bank, while his brother waited in the bank's parking lot in an idling Nissan, police said.

As Daniel allegedly handed the teller a note, Corey got spooked by the passerby and fled the scene, leaving his brother behind and without a getaway car.

While Daniel left the bank on foot carrying $2,400, the witness alerted police.

"Corey drove away westbound abandoning his brother," said McVeigh, but was quickly spotted by a cop, tipped off by the passerby.

"During this, a radio notification went out that the bank alarm had gone enough. A second car then found Daniel fleeing eastbound on foot," he said.

The pair were also booked for committing a similar robbery, stealing $1,400 from another bank on the same street a week earlier.

No one was injured in either incident and police said neither man had a weapon.

The pair was arraigned yesterday and both pleaded not guilty.  Bail was set at $200,000 each.

Daniel is represented by lawyer Alfred Saunders and Corey by a public defender.