Flight Diverted Over Unclaimed Camera

A United Airlines flight from Newark, N.J., to Geneva was diverted to Boston this evening when a flight attendant discovered a camera in a seat back pocket and could not locate the camera's owner, law enforcement officials and an airline spokesperson said.

In one of the post 9-11 airline terror plots, terrorists explored using camera bodies either as devices or as part of the mechanism for triggering a bomb.

More recently, ABC News has reported, al Qaeda bombmaker Ibrahim Hassan al-Asiri, who is believed to be behind both underwear bomb plots, was working on new explosives that they hoped would pass an airport security screening. One of those designed reportedly utilized a camera.

The flight was escorted to Boston's Logan International Airport by fighter planes and taken to a remote location.

It was expected to be rescreened there, and met by law enforcement officials, including the FBI and Massachusetts State Police, multiple sources said.

The flight had 157 passengers and crew of 11.