Paintings Straight From The Horse's Mouth

Look out Mr. Ed, there's a new horse making headlines for his unique talent, and this horse is real.

Meet Justin, a 9-year-old horse with a talent most humans only dream of, the ability to create paintings that sell for hundreds of dollars.

Justin's work will be on the auction block this weekend at the Equine Art, Antique and Rare Book Auction at the American Saddlebred Museum in Lexington, Ky., the Associated Press reports.

The auction typically features work that includes horses but, in Justin's case, it's coming right from the horse's mouth.

Justin's owner, Adonna Combs of Columbus, Ind., told the AP she first spotted talent in her four-legged Picasso when he used her whip to create shapes in the sand. Now he uses a brush held up by his teeth to paint on a canvas.

While other horses are grazing in the field or practicing their jumps in the ring, Justin puts the brush to the canvas almost every day to create his works of art that can fetch several hundreds of dollars each.

The auction's organizers are hoping those numbers will hold true at Saturday's auction, proceeds of which will benefit the American Saddlebred Museum. Located in the middle of horse country - Lexington is home to the Kentucky Derby - the museum calls itself the ultimate "Showplace for Saddlebreds" with the largest collection of Saddlebred artifacts in the world.