Raccoon Attack Sends Woman to Hospital

A Washington state woman suffered 16 puncture wounds and over 100 lacerations after being attacked by a pack of raccoons.

Twenty-eight-year-old Michaela Lee was jogging on a trail near her Lakewood home when her dog spotted two raccoons and chased them up a tree.

"I went over to pick up the leash and head home when three other raccoons just charged out of the grass straight for me. I decided to run, but they were chasing me and clawing at the back of my legs," Lee said.

She had just gotten to her neighbor's yard when she tripped over them. As soon as she fell, the raccoons began to viciously attack, biting her arms and legs as she lay trapped under them. Seconds later, Lee's dog ran up and began biting and growling at them, scaring several of them off and giving Lee enough time to get on her feet.

"I'm so thankful that my dog is so loyal," said Lee, who believes it was the actions of her dog, Madison, that saved her from further injury.

Lee was immediately taken to the hospital where she said she was in shock. "There was so much blood everywhere you couldn't see the skin on my arms or legs."

She received a rabies vaccine and had the deep cuts in her forearm and calf stapled. Antibiotics were injected into each wound, a process she said was even more painful than the attack.

It is unclear what caused the raccoons to have such a violent reaction, but Animal Control thought it may have been a family trying to protect its young.

Though shaken up by the attack, Lee has already returned to the trail. "This is our home, we love this area. I don't want to give that up."

Although, Lee added, she and her boyfriend "did purchase some mace for me to take when I go jogging in the future."