Bank Robber Turns Himself In 1,000 Miles From Crime

Shawnee County Department of Corrections

A Kansas man waited until he reached his hometown of Topeka to call the police and notify them that he had robbed a bank 1,000 miles away in North Dakota.

Kent Anthony Clemens, 53, is accused of walking into a Williston, N.D., bank in July, claiming he had a gun and was a robber, and asking the teller for "all of her twenty dollar bills and fifty dollar bills," according to an affidavit filed in federal court by the FBI.

Clemens fled the bank with about $700 and the heist was recorded by surveillance video, police said.

Three days later, on July 21, Clemens called the Topeka police department to notify them that he had robbed the bank in North Dakota. When the police arrived at Clemens home, he was reportedly "sitting on the front steps of his residence (and) put both of his hands out to police and told them to arrest him for making a mistake."

An investigation by police found that Clemens had quit his job in Kansas in early July to go work in the oil fields in Williston, a town that has experienced a boom in oil production job over recent years. Williston police detective Cory Collins said today that Clemens' brief move into and out of Williston, and the crime he committed, had become common in the small town.

"The way the economy is crashing everywhere is the opposite here. We've got people from every part of the U.S., and it's one of them things: more people, more crime," Collings said.

"It's hard to say what the population has gone up to. We get people that come in for two weeks, and leave again. It's hard to get a running total," he said.

Of criminals like Clemens, who turn themselves in, Collings said he "wished we had more of them."

Clemens will face federal bank robbery charges in North Dakota for the crime.