Tot's 911 May Have Saved Mom's Life


CHICAGO - A 4-year-old girl in suburban Chicago may have saved her mother's life last weekend with a crucial 911 call.

When Livia Jensen's mother Diana last Sunday suffered a severe lupus episode that left her unable to talk, Livia calmly picked up the phone and called 911, just as her mother had taught her to do.

"Um, we need you to come over to our house because my mommy can't speak," Livia told Aurora 911 dispatcher Jill Schmidt.

"Tell mommy help is on the way, okay?" Schmidt told Livia.

"Help is on the way mommy," Livia relayed to her mother. "I did it."

"Okay, you did a very good job, Livia," Schmidt told her.

As emergency crews left for the Jensen's home in Aurora, Livia stayed on the phone with Schmidt to keep her updated on the situation.

"Her head hurts 'cause she's showing me what hurts," Livia said.

"Okay, she's showing you her head hurts?" Schmidt confirmed.

"Uh huh," replied Livia.

"Listen, you're doing a super job, okay? I've got - I've got help on the way for mom," Schmidt said.

That help quickly arrived - and thanks to her daughter, Diane Jensen is doing just fine.

On Wednesday ABC's Chicago station WLS was there when Livia and Jill had the chance to meet for the first time in the Jensen's hometown of Aurora, with Livia running up to Schmidt and giving her a big hug.