WATCH: World's Most Adorable Bear Attack

VIDEO: A bear cub in Russia latches onto a man?s leg and tries to take a bite.

Have you ever felt as if, no matter how hard you tried, you just weren't being taken seriously? That's perhaps what was going through the mind of this tiny bear cub as it tried to maul a Russian man's leg. It may just be the cutest bear attack ever.

During the video, the bear cub, which even standing on its hind legs hardly reaches the man's knee, tries to rush the man before finally locking his calf in the world's tiniest bear hug.

The bear cub, being a bear, is trying to attack the man, but when it finally bites down with its teeny-tiny teeth, it doesn't get far. The man just continues to laugh, even going so far as to bend down and pet the wild animal. The cub tries to bite his arm. None of this fazes the man, who continues to wrestle with and pet the bear cub until he unceremoniously picks the cub up and walks off at the end of the video.

Although it may be largely a mix of raw instinct and Napoleon complex, one has to admire the cub's persistence in the face of a far larger foe. That being said, it has a long way to go before being ready to take a crack at Russian president and animal wrangler Vladimir Putin, even if some of those famous photo ops were staged.

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