Texas Firefighters Resuscitate Dog

Editors' Note: The dog cited in this story has died, after being revived by firefighters.

ABC News' Joshua Gardner reports:

Firefighters' bravery and rescue skills are well-documented, and few emergencies are beyond their expertise, even when it comes to pumping life into the family dog.

The Arlington Fire Department responded to a report of a house fire in north Arlington, Texas, Sunday when the homeowner's father stopped by to feed the pets and saw flames. What ensued was the dramatic rescue of Leah, a border collie.

"We are in the business of saving peoples' things," fire department spokesman Lt. Kevin Seeton said. "Even if they lose everything else, saving these pets can really make their day."

Leah was found in the home's bathroom and taken outside, unresponsive, where rescuers began to administer oxygen using a tank and specialized mask.

"We have dog- and cat-rescue masks," Seeton said. "Oftentimes, we get them on and pets start perking right up."

Sure enough, after nearly an hour of resuscitation efforts, Leah perked up. Not surprisingly, so did the firefighters. Efforts were also made at the scene to save the home's cat, but were unsuccessful.

Leah, however, was taken to the veterinarian and is expected to make a full recovery.