Superhero Window Washers Swoop Into Wisconsin Children's Hospital

Carla David/Ministry Health

The young patients of Ministry St. Joseph's Children's Hospital got a big surprise Monday as Spider-Man, Batman, and Captain America all appeared to swoop down from the sky, right outside their windows.

What they were witnessing was not a comic come to life, but a kind collaboration between Brite-Way window cleaning service and some workers at Ministry St. Joseph's.

"We got the idea from a hospital in Pittsburgh," secretary of environmental services Julie Schafer told "Brite-Way has been doing our windows for years and we reached out to them, and they were happy to do it."

Tim Taggart, a supervisor at Brite-Way/Tim's Maintenance, spent the day dressed as Batman and said he really got to play the part.

"We did some flips down the building and a lot of turns and stuff. You can do just about anything while attached to the rigging," Taggart told "The kids really seemed to like it and that made it all worth it."

Taggart said he and his crew repelled from the roof, down to an outdoor patio area where thrilled children waited to greet their favorite superheroes.

Since not all of the children were able to make it out to the spectacle, the superheroes made a trip inside to greet them. One of those children was Lakken Burzynski.

"Lakken isn't really into superheroes," Lakken's mother, Katie Burzynski, told, "but she really thought it was neat."

At home now in Stanley, Wisc., Lakken had been at St. Joseph's since Friday. Katie said the window washers weren't allowed into Lakken's room, so they chatted with her using FaceTime on an iPad.

"Then they came to her window and waved hello, it was really something neat and different," Burzynski said.

According to Schafer, the hospital and window washing company agree this is something they should do again.

"We'd like to do it every year, now. And hopefully this is something Brite-Way can do at all the hospitals they serve. The kids really deserve it."