Video: Baby Flung From Car Crash, Almost Run Over

MOSCOW - A very lucky baby girl narrowly avoided death after the car she was riding in skidded out of control on an icy Russian highway and slammed into an oncoming truck.

The 1-year-old girl, who was not strapped into a carseat, was ejected from the car and landed face down on the pavement. A passing truck was able to slow down to avoid running over her. The entire ordeal was captured on the dashboard camera of a vehicle driving right behind the crash.

According to Russian news reports the 53-year-old driver lost control of his Mitsubishi SUV when trying to overtake another car. Police faulted him for placing the baby "like a doll" on the shelf under the back windshield and not in a carseat.

Moments after the crash, the driver scooped up the girl and rushed to put her back in the car. Russian news reports say she suffered injuries to her head and face.