Nudes Tour Naked Men Exhibit at Vienna Museum

(Ronald Zak/AP Photo)

What better way to appreciate naked men than getting naked yourself?

That's how more then 60 art lovers decided to experience the "Nude Men From 1800 to the Present Day" exhibit at the Leopold museum in Vienna, Austria, Monday.

Museum goers ditched everything but their socks and shoes as they took in a a special after-hours showing of the exhibit, which started last October and features 300 works of art that center on naked men. A clothed tour guide showed the mostly male group through the museum.

The event was inspired by a man who stripped in the middle of the exhibit last November until security asked him to put his clothes back on, the Associated Press reported.

"We got requests from all over the world from people who were inspired by the exhibition…who asked us,`Can we visit the exhibition naked?'" museum spokesman Klaus Pokorny told the AP.

Irina Wolf, who attended the event, said she doesn't normally get naked in public but she wanted "to see how I relate to such a group."

"I'm at a big advantage here," she told the AP. "Only men around."

Fellow participant Herbert Korvas said he was interested in attending "because it was something different."

The exhibit runs through March 4 and has already drawn more than 100,000 visitors.