Woman Jailed Over F-Bomb in Florida Court

The longer Penelope Soto was in court, the more trouble she got into.

Soto, 18, faced Judge Jorge Rodriguez-Chomat in a Miami courtroom Monday after being arrested and charged with drug possession. She was arrested Sunday after crashing her bike, and when police arrived she admitted to officials that she was high on Xanax and had more in her purse, according to ABC News affiliate WPLG.

Video of her courtroom appearance shows Soto laughing at times while facing the judge. When asked about the value of any property owned, Soto replied her jewelry was "worth a lot of money…like Rick Ross."

Rodriguez-Chomat was not amused and asked Soto to be serious, saying, "We are not in a club." He set Soto's bail at $5,000. But when dismissed, Soto replied with an "adios" that prompted the judge to call her back and double her bail to $10,000.

Soto's response was a gasp. "Are you serious," she demanded.

"I am serious. Adios," the judge shot back.

As the unsmiling Soto walked away she muttered "F*** you" and made a crude gesture involving her middle finger.

The judge called her back again and demanded to know if he had heard her correctly. When said he had indeed heard her correctly, Rodriguez-Chomat sentenced her to 30 days in jail for criminal contempt.

Soto is currently being held in the Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center.

Image credit: ABC News