Man Has Close Encounter With Mountain Lions

A Colorado homeowner got up-close-and-personal with three mountain lions prowling near his home.

John Vomastic, of Manitou Springs, Colo., was home Tuesday when he heard something outside his window. When he went to the window to take a look, the eyes of one of the lions were staring back at him.

"That was a little bit frightening because the only thing protecting me from that big cat was a piece of glass," Vomastic told local ABC News affiliate ABC7.

Vomastic lives at such a high altitude in the mountains of Colorado that he has set up cameras and sensors to alert him when the wildlife who call the region home are close by.

It was those home security cameras that captured the three mountain lions exploring his own yard on Tuesday.

"[The mountain lion] came over and stood on his feet and looked into the window," Vomastic said.

The mountain lions walked away without conflict Tuesday and Vomastic says it's his honor to live among the wild beasts, despite the potential for danger.

"I consider it a privilege to live with these animals and share this space with them," he said.