Brothers Become Fathers 82 Minutes Apart

VIDEO: Nick and David Pereira were surprised to find each other at the same New York hospital.

One family grew two sizes yesterday when New York brothers Nick and David Pereira became fathers within 82 minutes of each other at the same hospital. Today the families are resting at Winthrop University Hospital on Long Island, only two doors away from each other. Nick Pereira told ABC News the brothers are leaning on each other for support and even got a break for dinner last night.

"We talked about how amazing this is, that it actually happened on the same day and the whole procedure of the wives' giving birth," Pereira said. "We talked about how amazing it was to go through it at the same time and how amazing women are that they can do this. We think men wouldn't be able to handle it."

Nick and his wife Beth went to the hospital yesterday, not knowing his brother David and wife Claudia were already there. They found out their wives were both giving birth through text messages, and the cousins were delivered within 82 minutes of each other. Nick and Beth welcomed their second child, Nathaniel, and later David and Claudia welcomed their first child, Gwyneth. The moms did not have the same due date; Nathaniel arrived nine days early and Gwyneth one day early.

The families held a joint press conference yesterday, and Pereira said they plan a second meeting of the babies today.

"I hope there will be a special bond, the way our families are, we are always together. Growing up and being together and sharing a birthday will help them have a closer bond than a sibling that's three or four years apart," Pereira said.

Pereira said he and his brother have been playing hockey together for a long time and do everything together, so having their kids on the same day was amazing to them.

"It's almost the bond with twins, you can feel it without having to say it. How we do everything together, we are so close, we are very fortunate and that's what I think the cousins will have too," Pereira said.

Because the same-day births were not planned, the cousins have yet to receive any matching gifts, but Pereira says he's sure they'll find something.

The family says they are excited to go home from the hospital tomorrow.

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