Thousands of Bees Found in Utah Couple's Bedroom Wall

The beehive featured prominently on the state flag of Utah does not hold a candle to the one found inside the bedroom wall of a family that calls the state home.

Tyler Judd of Provo, Utah, called a beekeeper last week after he saw a few bees buzzing around the home he and his wife, Haley, moved into just four months ago.

When the beekeeper, Al Chubak, arrived Friday evening for what he thought would be a routine call, he instead found an infestation of bees inside the couple's bedroom wall, inches from where they sleep.

"We found maybe a bee or two in our house but nothing else," Judd, 27, told "I didn't even hear them in the wall at first."

Though quiet, the bees had built a virtual village behind the Judd's bedroom wall, totaling between 70,000 and 80,000 in number, according to Chubak's estimate.

After the initial discovery Friday, Chubak came back the next day and spent about seven hours ridding the Judd's home of their unwanted guests.

"Once he opened the wall, he got out his vacuum and started sucking up the bees," Judd said. "Then he took the honeycomb out and cleaned everything out and sealed it off."

The Judds temporarily relocated to a guest bedroom in their home but are now back in their master bedroom. They remain, however, shocked at what was hiding in their walls.

""I know it happens to other people but I didn't think it was that big," Judd said of the beehive. "It was kind of unbelievable and kind of crazy that there were so many bees right behind our bed."