WATCH: 'Goofy' Puppy's Reaction to First Taste of Lime

Claire Moore describes her boxer puppy, Topper, as goofy, and a YouTube video of the dog's first taste of lime shows the puppy in all his goofy glory.

Moore, 23, of Birmingham, Ala., was visiting her parents' Alexander City, Ala., lake house about two months ago and she took Topper with her.

While Moore and a friend relaxed on the shore, Topper was poking around. He came across a wedge of lime in the sand and decided to have a taste.

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The video shows the dog pawing at the lime, going in for a bite, and then jerking his head back and forth. Despite the strong reaction to the lime, Topper keeps going back for more, and keeps jerking back. Moore's friend can be heard laughing uproariously off-camera.

Although some YouTube viewers wondered whether Topper could be having a seizure, Moore told on Tuesday that the dog was just fine.

"Any time he had a new toy or anything, he kind of gets excited about it and does that," she said of Topper's reaction. "He's done that before with, like, bones and balls and stuff, just not that much."

Moore, a research assistant and college student majoring in psychology, said she posted the video on YouTube for family members and friends who wanted to see it.

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"I didn't think anyone would really have [a] serious reaction other than, 'Oh, that's cute,'" she said. "I didn't think anyone would watch that much. I mean, I didn't think it would get this crazy."

She was wrong. As of Tuesday night, more than 62,000 people had seen the video on YouTube.