FedEx Employee Hurls Boxes Into Truck: Caught on Tape

VIDEO: A video uploaded to YouTube shows Manhattan employees throwing boxes onto a truck.

Customers want to believe their packages are in good hands with companies like FedEx or UPS, but a new video shows footage of New York City employee tossing some packages into the back of a delivery truck like they're pizzas.

In a video uploaded to YouTube this week, a female FedEx worker takes a neatly stacked pile of boxes handed to her on a Midtown Manhattan street and throws them toward the back of the truck with disregard, scattering them everywhere. A man handing her the packages seems reluctant to join in until the female worker gives him a thumbs up, and he, too, hurls a pile of packages into the truck.

The woman is no longer working for FedEx, a spokesman told ABC News.

"We were very disappointed to see the recent online video," company spokesman Ben Hunt said in a statement. "FedEx sets high performance standards for our team members, which is why our customers trust us to pick up and deliver almost 10 million packages a day around the globe. This situation is completely unacceptable to us."

The video, which was apparently taken July 24 and is quickly being shared online, is not the first case of industry employees' delivery techniques coming under fire. In December 2011, a video of a FedEx driver throwing a flat-screen computer monitor over a fence sparked national outrage and has garnered nearly 9 million views on YouTube since then.

Shortly thereafter, a UPS driver was filmed giving the middle finger to a home surveillance camera before slamming his package to the ground.

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