Video Shows Motorcyclist Saving Cup From Moving SUV

Don't try this at home, folks.

Video of 28-year-old Nate Bos has been burning up the web the past few days. Shot with a GoPro camera mounted on Bos's helmet, it shows his point of view as he rides his motorcycle behind a woman's SUV to save the cup she unwittingly had on her rear bumper.

It was early in May, and Bos was just out for a leisurely ride on Geneva Road in Orem, Utah, his GoPro running, when the woman's vehicle passed him and he spotted the cup.

A millworker who goes to college part-time to study digital media, Bos told in a Wednesday interview that he "didn't think twice" about retrieving the cup from the moving vehicle.

"It just kind a struck me that it was a good thing to do," Bos said, explaining the impulse to perform the risky maneuver. "I knew right away, I knew when I saw that cup (that) I was going to give it to the lady. I was going to give that cup back."

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Bos accelerated his 2003 Honda CBR 600RR, drawing closer to the green SUV. The video shows his gloved hand grabbing the cup.

"I wasn't really nervous being that close to a car, but I was nervous I was just going to drop the cup. I wanted to make sure that when I grabbed it I got it and I did I executed it perfectly," he said.

He started pulling up alongside her to get her attention, but she turned away onto the 800 North. He switched the cup to his other hand and followed.

"When I pulled up alongside of her I was hoping she would just look over and she did, and I was just kind of showing her the cup and she recognized the cup and she just rolled her window down," he said.

She took the cup, yelled "my daughter," then added, "sorry, thank you," dumped the contents of the cup - a white liquid - out onto the road, and then she and Bos both kept going.

"I don't really even know who the lady is. I didn't talk to her afterwards, I haven't heard anything since," he said.

He posted the video to YouTube - on his channel Bossaucey - on May 4 and it had received modest views until it was posted to Reddit, the Internet sharing site.

"I looked at it Sunday night pretty late … and it only had about 1,800 views Sunday night, but then when I woke up Monday morning, my Facebook's tethered to my phone, and my phone just starts blowing up," he said.

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As of Thursday, the video had been seen more than 615,000 times.

Posters were impressed by Bos's daring, and had questions about his camera and his motorcycle.

Bos is gratified by the interest, but has a warning for others.

"I've got 10 years riding experience. I really wouldn't recommend anybody else sneaking up on a car like that," he said.

Bos isn't exactly taking his own advice. He's done something like this before.

While out for a ride last year, he spotted a dangling gas cap on a Pontiac Grand Prix, rode up to the car, screwed the cap in and closed the gas tank cover.

The passenger and driver were looking at him curiously, but didn't appear to find anything amiss.

"I just did it and drove off. I don't even know if they noticed that I had done that," he said.