Salinger Filmmakers Reportedly in Telluride Plane Crash

DENVER, Colo. - A small plane reportedly carrying the makers of a documentary about the life of author J.D. Salinger was damaged today when a landing gear collapsed and the plane skidded to a halt in Telluride.

None of the two crew members or 10 passengers were hurt, according to Sgt. Michael Westcott with the San Miguel County Sheriff's office.

The plane was reportedly carrying the filmmakers behind the documentary "Salinger," which is screening at this weekend's Telluride Film Festival, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

An executive of the Weinstein Company, which is releasing "Salinger," was also on board, the Hollywood Reporter said.

Representatives of the Weinstein Company could not be reached Sunday and did not immediately return messages to ABC News.

The plane, operated by Great Lakes Airlines, was on approach to the airport when it reported a warning light indicating a landing gear was not locked down, Westcott said.

As the plane landed, the gear collapsed and the plane skidded, damaging the engine propeller and wing. There was no fire or smoke, Westcott said. Deputies gave passengers a ride to the terminal building where they retrieved their luggage and left the airport.

The airport runway was closed until the plane could be removed.

The aircraft was a twin-engine Beech 1900, according to FAA spokesman Allen Kenitzer.

The National Transportation Safety Board will investigate, Westcott said.