Montana Newlywed Murder Trial: Victim Allegedly Blindfolded

Jordan Graham, a 22-year-old Montana woman accused of murdering her husband just days after their wedding, may have blindfolded her beloved before pushing him off a cliff, according to court documents released today.

Graham is set to go to trial next month for the murder of her husband, Cody Johnson, who fell to his death off a cliff in Montana's Glacier National Park in July. The prosecution says she pushed him on purpose, but Graham contends it was an accident.

According to court documents just released, Graham's attorney wrote that Graham may be accused of premeditation because "the government now believes Jordan placed a blindfold on Cody before pushing him off the ledge."

"The most important part of the blindfold is in what context it got on Cody's face and if in fact it ever was there," said former FBI agent and ABC News contributor Brad Garrett.

Cody Johnson of Montana, is shown in this undated photo. (Kalispell Police Department)