Seattle Food Company Releases Bacon-Scented Deodorant

J&D's Foods Power Bacon deodorant stick (Photo courtesy of J&D's Foods)

America loves bacon, that is indisputable, but now a Seattle-based firm has taken that affection to pungent new levels.

J&D's Foods, a specialty foods company, has announced its latest product - a gel deodorant that smells like bacon. They call it "Power Bacon," and it goes on sale today.

On its website, the company recommends the product for active bacon lovers or those who "just sweat like pigs."

"It's not really a deodorant, it's an odorant," J&D's owner Justin Esch told ABC News. "It's a strong meat-scented musk that comes off your body."

The company has provided consumers with custom bacon products in the past, including bacon seasoning, "Baconnaise" (a bacon-flavored spread) and even bacon-scented shaving cream. But Esch said nothing compares to the pervasive odor of Power Bacon, making it an ideal gift for bacon lovers.

"Everyone who has been around it dies laughing," he said.

The product was made with assistance from a company that designs odors to attract wildlife to hunters, Esch noted, and accordingly, should not be worn in the wilderness. He also said that like his other products, Power Bacon does not contain pork and is 100% kosher and vegetarian.