License to Love? Florida Man Carries Out Wife Search, on Wheels

On the road to happily ever after, a South Florida man is hoping that ladies do indeed dig a nice set of wheels.

Alexander Gorbunov, 38, of Hollywood, Fla., has been driving around South Florida for the past year with a large yellow sign affixed to the back of his black BMW. He also has a similar sign displayed on the back of his Hummer.

"Looking for a wife," the signs read, followed by Gorbunov's cellphone number.

"I have received over 500 text messages, my cellphone has died!" Gorbunov told ABC News. "I've received 250 calls in one day so far, from France, from the Carribbean, from Jamaica, from Brazil, Switzerland, maybe Finland too."

Gorbunov, who works as a mechanic, moved to the United States a little over four years ago from Moscow. He says online dating services and more traditional forms of dating just aren't a good fit for him.

"I have tried before a long time ago, I want to do some crazy ideas, I want to do something like this, it's crazy."

Alexander Gorbunov, 38, thinks his BMW will help him find his future wife. WPLG/ABC News

Gorbunov says he first tried out his wife search on wheels in his native Moscow six years ago, but did not receive anywhere near the number of calls and texts he is currently getting.

"Sometimes it's guys who say they will give me their ex-wife," Gorbunov said. "Some ladies want to meet and some ladies want to make money," he added.

A true romantic, Gorbunov says he screens out women he perceives to be only interested in material things. If the ladies ask first about his car or where he lives, he doesn't reply.

"Hello, is the wife position still available? I happen to be husband hunting," read one text.

"I hope you meet someone special. You're very brave. I'm not looking for a husband but I wish you the best," another text read.

Gorbunov says he does try to respond to legitimate messages.

"One lady texted me, 'I want to be your wife.' I texted, 'How old are you?' She texted me, '55.' I said, 'O.K., we should meet."

Despite the flood of text messages and calls, Gorbunov says has yet to meet any of his responders for an actual date. Nonetheless, he says his search for love is earnest.

"Yes, it's serious," Gorbunov said. "But if people want to make a joke about it, it's not a problem."