Everyone in New York Really Does Wear Black and This Photo Proves It

Commuters packed Grand Central Terminal Thursday. Jan. 23, 2014, after a computer glitch shut down all Metro-North trains. (@andrewleray/Twitter)

The stereotype is true: Everyone in New York really does wear black.

This photo, snapped last night at New York City's Grand Central Terminal by Twitter user @andrewleray, shows the crowds of New Yorkers (and Connecticut-ers) waiting for the Metro North rail line to get moving again and take them home.

The photo, which ran in newspapers, on TV, and on the web, shows how crowded the station was during the two-hour delay Thursday night, which was caused by signal problems. But it also shows that nearly everybody in New York City dresses in black.

Well, except that one guy there, you see him, in his dapper khaki-colored trench. You do you, trench coat guy.