Parallel Parking Too Close for Comfort

(Photo Credit: Martin County Sheriff's Office)

A faulty parking-assist function has been blamed for sending a car zooming over a parking lot division, crashing into a parked vehicle. No one was injured in the accident.

The incident occurred in the Target parking lot in Stuart, Fla. Jonathon Libratore, 27, told police he was attempting to park when the parking-assist function on his 2013 BMW malfunctioned, causing the vehicle to accelerate over the parking mound and collide with a parked car on the other side, according to the accident report.

Both cars had to be towed from the scene.

Libratore's infant son was also in the vehicle but was uninjured in the crash, according to the report. ABC News has been unable to reach him.

BMW defended its driver-assistance equipment, saying it is designed to assist drivers with parallel parking and does not control the speed of the car.

"The system does not control the speed of the vehicle at any time," BMW North America spokesman David Buchko told ABC News. "The driver controls the speed of the vehicle with the accelerator and the brake."

BMW has not been contacted by authorities to investigate the incident, he added.