Naked People Come to Defense of Skier Jackie Chamoun and Her Topless Photos

"I Am Not Naked" Facebook page

BEIRUT - Anybody who follows Lebanon on social media was met on Wednesday with a deluge of photos of naked bodies - men and women, large and skinny, hairy and … animated.

It was an odd sight for a country where news is more often dominated by a recent bombing or the efforts to put together a government.

The photos were all hashtagged '#stripforjackie,' a campaign launched in support of Jackie Chamoun, a Lebanese skier competing in the Sochi Olympics who apologized on Tuesday for images that recently surfaced of her posing topless for a risqué calendar on a Lebanese ski slope.

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To be clear, the photos published in the calendar released late last year did not show Chamoun topless. Rather, it was behind-the-scenes footage released a few days ago that did, which caused the uproar in Lebanon, fueled by a handful of media outlets calling them scandalous and the sports minister's call for an investigation.

That prompted a reprimand for Chamoun on Tuesday evening from Lebanon's Olympic Committee, which said the pictures do "not reflect the real image of the Lebanese sports."

As the story grew, so too did the number of people shedding their clothes and posting pictures of themselves online with signs reading "#stripforjackie."