Soldier Dad Surprises Daughter in Huge, Wrapped Birthday Box

This little girl received the best, most surprising birthday present ever.

As tiny Bridget Carr, 3, stood on her front porch eying the large, green present during her third birthday party, she had no idea what was in store for her underneath all that wrapping paper.

She carefully untied the big, red bow and began peeling away at the paper piece by little piece, eventually revealing a box that once held a mini-fridge, something the pint-sized, blonde-haired cutie surely hadn't asked for.

"What is it?" Bridget's mom, Chloe Carr, can be heard asking in the video. "Are you sure it's not a bike?"

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Once Bridget successfully got the box unwrapped she started opening the large flaps on top. But before she had the opportunity to even poke her head inside to see what the gift was, out pops her daddy, Joshua Carr, who had been deployed to Afghanistan for the past four months.

The little girl began squealing and slapping her knees in excitement, completely shocked to have her father home.

The toddler's surprise happened last September, but viewership recently took off on the internet. And the Carr family is still enjoying the moment.

"When I found out I was able to leave and come home a couple weeks early, I noticed it was coinciding with her birthday," Carr, 26, told of his elaborate surprise plan. "The day I was actually coming into town was the day she was having her birthday party."

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Bridget still talks about the time her "daddy popped out of the box," which means the world to Carr.

"I was not expecting that level of her reaction," he explained. "I think I was expecting more of a, 'Hey dad, glad you're back.' But I still watch it over and over and she gets so animated."

The plan worked out perfectly, as Carr's mom had just bought the mini-fridge a few days earlier and still had the big box saved. She wrapped it all up and cut out the bottom for him to hide under.

"Everybody wants to surprise their family," Carr said of his fellow soldier's nearing the end of their deployment. "It's one of those things every soldier has on their mind."

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And although the heartwarming video is sure to put a smile on your face, there's an even bigger message Carr would like people to get out of this sentimental moment.

" We often use the term sacrifice when referring to members of the military, wanting to 'thank a soldier for their sacrifice,' he said. "I think we as a nation often forget about the spouses and children left behind to figure things out on their own.

"There, in my opinion, lies the real sacrifice."

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