Winter Olympics 2014: Bobsledder Johnny Quinn's Meme #Quinning Sweeps Internet

@whatsanirma tweeted this photo on Feb. 16, 2014: "So the husby decided to go all @JohnnyQuinnUSA on this bottle of Moscato... #quinning #datenight" Credit: Irma James

Incredible hulk Johnny Quinn is not just any ordinary member of the U.S. Olympic bobsledding team. He's now also probably the first to have an Internet meme named after him. The hashtag #Quinning has been created for the social media star after this infamous incident that started it all.

After Quinn posted the image to Twitter, it quickly went viral, getting more than 25,000 retweets within hours and spawning a slew of Quinn-wannabes who posted their own #Quinning moments.

This woman tweeted her husband's fine attempt to emulate the bobsledding star on their date night, which Quinn himself found amusing enough to retweet.

Other #Quinning moments shared on social media ranged from cereal box carnage…

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To massacring those tough-to-open envelopes.