'Wall of Police' Shuts Highway to Nab Suspected Bank Robbers

(Photo Credit: Dario Taccini)

Maryland police shut down I-270 in Rockville, Md., this morning after a nearby bank robbery.

The robbery and ensuing police chase closed down I-270 in both directions for nearly 30 minutes, Maryland State Police confirmed to ABC News.

A motorist whose regular morning commute took an extra hour today said about 30 police vehicles passed him on the shoulders of I-270. "Then, when I saw a wall of police officers with automatic weapons approaching our cars, it was apparent that something serious was taking place," he told ABC News, asking for anonymity.

"After a while some police dogs appeared in the same area behind me, and then helicopters starting flying close by. One even landed to my left on I-270," he added.

The robbery involved the Wells Fargo bank branch at 404 Kings Farm Blvd., police said.

The north-bound and south-bound lanes were shut down by state police to accommodate an extensive search for the three suspects, who were apprehended and are now in the custody of Montgomery County police, officials said.

(Photo Credit: Dario Taccini)