Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 Pilots: What We Know So Far

Fariq Abdul Hamid and Zaharie Ahmad Shah, pilots of Malaysia Airlines flight MH370, are seen in these photos posted to their community Facebook pages. (Facebook)

Name: Captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah

Age: 53

Nationality: Malaysian

Family: Married with three grown children

Background: Pilot with more than 18,000 hours of experience in the air. Longtime employee of Malaysian Airlines.

Interesting Facts: Had a flight simulator set up at home. Also posted videos of himself to YouTube offering tips on how to fix at-home air conditioning systems. Very concerned about local Malaysian politics. Liked American comedians including Louis C.K. and Sarah Silverman.

Investigation: Police have been stationed outside of his home since the plane disappeared a week ago. They searched his home and took his flight simulator software, where they found that some files had been deleted. Police are investigating whether there is anything suspicious on the simulator software that could help explain the plane's disappearance.

Name: First Officer Fariq Abdul Hamid

Age: 27

Nationality: Malaysian

Background: Joined Malaysia Airlines in 2007 and has logged more than 2,000 hours in the air.

Interesting Facts: A South African woman claimed that Hamid had allowed her and her friend to ride in the cockpit during a flight years ago. Authorities said they are looking into the allegation.

Hamid is engaged to another pilot, Capt. Nadira Ramli, 26, whose father is also a Malaysia Airlines pilot. She has been given a months leave by airline.

Hamid lives with his mother and father two doors down from the mosque where he prays when he is in Malaysia. The imam of the mosque told ABC News that Hamid is "a good man" and that the mosque has been praying for him since the flight's disappearance.

Investigation: Authorities believe that it was Hamid who last spoke to air traffic control on the flight, signing off "All right, goodnight," to Malaysian air traffic control before flight 370 left Malaysian air space. It was the last words heard from the plane.