Pharmacist Prescribes 'Monster Spray' To Banish Monsters Before Bed

It's one of the most effective treatments ever prescribed for combating under-the-bed monsters, according to a pair of pharmacists in North Dakota.

Monster Spray, a solution that's sprayed around the sleeping area before bed in order to vanquish monsters, is the creation of pharmacist Jeff Dodds and his daughter, Josslyn Dodds, employees at Barrett Pharmacy in Watford City.

The Dodds have prescribed the spray to children who report having trouble sleeping due to the perceived presence of monsters at bedtime.

"It's 100 percent safe and it works amazingly," Josslyn Dodds told ABC News after a photo of Monster Spray was posted to Facebook by a grateful parent and began going viral. "It really seems to get rid of the monsters. "

Dodd wouldn't say what exactly is in the solution. She said that her and her father came up with the idea after a friend of another employee complained that her daughter didn't want to go to bed because she was afraid of monsters.

The solution worked, Dodd recalled.

The blue medicine bottle comes with directions from the pharmacy instructing patients to "spray around the room at night before bed. Repeat as necessary."

Dodd said all the attention Monster Spray has generated by the Facebook photo has been "overwhelming" but positive.