Boy, 9, Treks Across Miles of Snow to Rescue Dad

Bode Bierdneau realized that his father was trapped under his snowmobile with severe leg injuries and the son was unable to dig him out. So the boy, 9, started walking miles for help through the snow, even though he didn't know which way to go.

Bode and his father JT, who are from from Marin County, Calif., were snowmobiling in Lake Tahoe Sunday when the accident occurred.

"I jumped off my snowmobile and tried to dig him out," the fourth grader told ABC affiliate KGO. "I dug him out as fast as I could but my fingers got numb."

So Bode decided to look for help. With no cellphone reception and no GPS, the trekked across miles of snow.

"I was pretty nervous," he said.

Bode Bierdneau saved his dad's life after a snowmobile accident in near South Lake Tahoe in Calif.

"It was really hard because I didn't know which way to go."

He was able to track down a tour group who radioed for help, then led the rescuers to his dad. JT Bierdneau was airlifted to the hospital and received emergency surgery for a broken leg.

Bode's mom, Tina Shaw, credits youngster's even-keeled demeanor for the rescue.

"I was so upset, but then I thought he is such a calm kid, he is so grounded, he is such a hero," his mother said.