Twins, 7, Attack Carjacker With Fists and Rubber Snake

A car thief was forced to pull over after a couple miles in the stolen vehicle because twin boys, age 7, who were in the car attacked him, police said.

"One of the boys was punching the man in the face; the other was hitting him with a rubber snake," Sgt. Javier Salazar of the San Antonio Police Department told ABC News.

The car was swiped from in front of the home of Lucia Lozada Thursday as the mother was standing just feet from the vehicle. Her twin sons and a 1-year-old were buckled into the car as the family readied to go to church. The father had gone back into the house to get the baby a bottle.

"Lucia saw the man before he took the car," said Herminia Segovia, the children's grandmother. "She recognized him from around the neighborhood and even waved to him. Before she could do anything he jumped into the car and drove away."

7-year-old twin boys forced a car thief to pull over after attacking him, claim police. ABC News

The distraught mother called police who rushed to the scene, but within 10 minutes her boys had got the carjacker to pull over and drop the boys and their baby brother off a few miles away.

The children's grandmother said she is most relieved that the carjacker was not interested in kidnapping her grandkids.

"The boys told me that the man just wanted the car. He even shook their hands before dropping them off, and let them keep their tablet," said Segovia.

Once they were dropped off, the boys talked a little girl who got them help.

"The kids had been taught never to talk to strangers, so when they got out of the car, they didn't want to approach a house they didn't recognize," said Salazar. "But they saw a little girl outside one of the houses, and they felt safe talking to her."

The girl's parents alerted authorities about the boys and after verifying the children's identities, police reunited the boys with their anxious parents.

"The parents were just so relieved," said Salazar. "They were thanking us for getting their children back so quickly, but we are of course crediting the twins who are as cute and as brave as can be."

Although the thief is still at large, police are relatively certain that they will find him because he has frequented the neighborhood in the past.

"I'd like to say we are cautiously optimistic that we'll catch him, because someone in the area knows this guy," said Salazar.