Dead Whale Stinks Up California Beach - Again

Beachgoers near Border Field State Park in California may want to hold their noses this Memorial Day after a giant whale carcass washed ashore.

The beached behemoth is believed to be the same whale that was towed from the Point Loma shoreline last week, according to the Marine Conservation Science Institute's Facebook page.

"It was drifting south when the tow line snapped … but it didn't go far enough," the nonprofit group said in an online post. "Welcome back whale."

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The whale carcass is 57 feet long and weighs about 35 to 45 tons, state park reserve manager Christopher Paragon told ABC's San Diego affiliate KGTV.

Experts believe it is the same whale because of the measurements and amount of decay. Paragon and his team are now working on a plan to evict the whale - for the second time - from the beach.

A whale carcass is pictured the first time it washed up on a California beach. (Image Credit: KGTV)