Groomsmen Strip Off Their Suits Mid-Photo to Rescue Fisherman

It is a bride's worst nightmare to have two groomsmen tear off their suits and run into the ocean in the middle of a wedding photo shoot, but one bride in Australia didn't mind because the groomsmen were truly living up to their titles of "best men."

The groomsmen, Dougal "Doogs" Grey and Clayton "Deani" Deane, were posing for photos with newlyweds Aaron and Jo-Anne Easterbrook on the shore at Palm Cove in Queensland, Australia, Monday when the wedding videographer noticed a commotion behind them.

"During our shoot the videographer turned around and said, 'What happened there?,'" Jo-Anne Easterbrook told the local Cairns Post. "Up goes this boat and over it turns."

Inside the capsized boat was a fisherman who was now stranded in the water. That's when the groomsmen dropped their suits and dove into the water to rescue him.

"Deani was first," Easterbrook told the Post. "They helped the guy then went back to get the boat and outboard motor, and all the other bits and pieces that were in the boat like fuel containers and tackle boxes."

The fisherman, according to Easterbrook, was uninjured when he was brought to the shore by his rescuers, just "a bit shocked" and "exhausted."

The wedding videographer who first noticed the capsized boat captured the entire rescue on video.

The heroic groomsmen picked right back up where they left off with the wedding shoot after the rescue, posing in their underwear with the bridesmaids' bouquets strategically placed for coverage.

"It was just an extra story to add, we had a few hiccups leading up to the wedding," Easterbrook told the Post. "It was one we definitely had a good laugh about at the reception."

After their unintentionally adventurous wedding, the Easterbrooks are now headed to another adventure, a nine-day honeymoon in Fiji, the Post reports.