Airs Friday, May 2 at 10 pm on ABC

From unethical brokers and contractors to neighbors from hell, "20/20? reports on extreme real estate stories. "Home Sweet Home" airs on FRIDAY, MAY 2 (10:00 - 11:00 pm) on the ABC Television Network. Reports include:

  • Realtors Gone Wild: You trust them with your most prized investment, your home - but how do some realtors repay you? Deborah Roberts uncovers some outrageous acts perpetrated by unethical real estate agents, focusing on the case of Bob Lindsey, who was caught by a client on camera after he allegedly turned the property for sale into his personal love nest
  • To Catch a Contractor: Adam Carolla, former contractor and current comedian, hosts a new reality series "To Catch a Contractor." Partnering with a private investigator and a professional contractor, Carolla finds cases of shoddy renovations and then tracks down and confronts the unscrupulous contractors. Chris Connelly reports.
  • The Zoo Next Door: What happens to real estate values on your block when one of your neighbors starts hoarding cats or training tigers? These are the horror stories of the domestic menageries that can ruin a neighborhood's reputation. Rebecca Jarvis rides along with an animal rescue outfit in Long Island to get a glimpse of how bad it can get, and talks to two sisters in Malibu, CA who provoked the king of all cat fights when they tried to live with two tigers.
  • Krlich vs. Everybody: Garrick & Lucinda Krlich don't have a neighbor from hell… they say they have a neighborhood from hell - that the entire town of Hubbard, Ohio has turned against them, including the cops. But why? "20/20? hosts a "Peace and Reconciliation BBQ" where everybody in town comes together. Paula Faris reports
  • Ghost parties: They are called ghost parties or mansion parties, where teens go online, look for high end properties for sale that appear to be empty and use the home to party the night away. Police say revelers at one such ghost party ransacked an opulent Southern California mansion, leaving $1 million in damages, and making off with medieval armor, designer suits and a $250,000 stuffed leopard. Deborah Roberts reports.