Mysterious Figure Found Inside Garden Gnome

This is gnome laughing matter.

A beautifully carved, mysterious figure resembling Jesus' face on a woman's body has been found inside a broken garden gnome.

"It's just a really silly story," Heather Andrews, of Lynnville, Tennesee, told ABC News of her completely random and equally perplexing discovery. "My friend and I go back to second grade. We've always been best friends. In junior high she started watching 'South Park' with the underpants gnomes, so since then she gives me gnomes randomly to be funny."

Courtesy Heather Andrews

On May 15, however, when her friend showed up with another bizarre bag of gnome-related items, nothing could have prepared the two women for what would happen next - something even crazier than the gag gifts themselves.

As Andrews, 27, opened her car door to get the bag of gnomes off her front seat, one of the gnomes rolled out, hitting the ground and shattering a large chunk off the front of his body.

"I started picking up the pieces and throwing them away, and I rolled it over and was like, 'What is this?,'" she recalled. "I called my friend over and she was just as shocked as I was."

Inside was a beautifully carved, white statue with a face that many people on social media were quick to point out resembled Jesus or some sort of angelic figure. The body, however, looks very feminine.

"Take it how you will, but I don't think it's a religious finding," said Andrews, who has apparently been offered $20,000 for the Jesus-like mystery figure.

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The head and ankles, Andrews said, are fused into the actual garden gnome, while the middle of the body is unattached providing the ability to wrap your fingers around it.

"People are telling me I need to get it X-rayed right now," she said. "Everyone thinks it's smuggled cocaine or smuggled ivory."

Whatever it may be could remain a mystery for a while, as Andrews said she lives in "probably one of the smallest towns in Tennessee."

"We don't even have stoplights," she added. "There's no museums or universities around to take it to for someone to look at it."

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Another problem she's worried about encountering is people even taking her seriously when she calls to inquire about her finding.

"'Hey, I just found Jesus in a gnome' is not the best way to start a conversation," she quipped.

The mystery gnome, which Andrews has now named Pete, was originally purchased at Target.

And although some people are scared by Pete, others have been inspired - citing that it's what is on the inside that counts.

For now however, Andrews is just having a bit of fun hearing about everyone's theories for her now famous garden gnome, who has already amassed more than 9,000 followers on the Facebook page she created for him.