Anonymous Positivity Tweeter Outed at High School Graduation

For many people, especially high school students, Twitter can mean hurtful comments, cruel gossip and even harassment. One high school student in Kentucky, however, has spent the past semester working to change that, one tweet at a time.

Since January, a mystery Twitter account has been spreading positivity at Boyle County High School in Danville, Kentucky. The student behind @BCHSAnonymous was revealed to her classmates on Sunday during graduation as Taylor Stewart.

"There's so much negativity in our everyday lives, it's crazy to think how one positive thing can pull someone back from the edge," Stewart, 18, told ABC News. "I think if we use our words in the right way, there's no telling what we could accomplish."

Stewart used her Twitter profile to explain the goal of her account.

"My mission? It's simple: spread positivity around Boyle County High School," she wrote on the accounts description, then she proceeded to do just what she had promised.

In her tweets, Stewart would commend individual students for their particular skills, deeds or personally attributes, and she'd also motivate the student body in general.

A sampling of her tweets:

Some students tweeted their appreciation for the account's kind comments:

People from outside of the high school community also expressed their admiration for Stewart's social media outreach, paying her back in kind with their own kind tweets: