See The Near 500-Pound Halibut Caught in Alaska

A California man went home from an Alaskan vacation with more than just memories, after catching a 482-pound halibut.

Jack McGuire made the impressive catch while fishing with the Alaskan Anglers Inn fishing charter in Glacier Bay, Alaska. The fish was 95 inches long according to The Associated Press.

In spite of its size, it does not beat the record catch of a 459-pound fish, because it was harpooned before it was brought on board, which violates the Game Fish Association regulations, according to the AP.

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Steve Brown, co-owner the Alaskan Anglers Inn, told ABC News that the fish is actually the second largest he's seen; the other fish was just one inch longer.

"Glacier Bay has the biggest halibut in the world," said Brown, who co-started the company 17 years ago. "That fish will yield about 225 pounds of filets."

(Credit: Alaskan Angler's Inn)