Could This Be the Face of James Foley's Executioner?


As British authorities focus on neighborhoods in East London in hopes of learning more about the apparently England-raised militant who appears in a mask in the gruesome video of James Foley's execution, computer science experts across the Atlantic have created an image that may show a likeness of his face.

The image was created by American facial recognition specialists who consult with the U.S. government based on the purported ISIS member's eyes and the area just around the eyes not covered with the black cloth.

(Obtained by ABC News)

British authorities said they are close to identifying the man in the video who appears to begin killing Foley, though Foley's actual death is not shown in the video. Earlier today reports emerged identifying a young British rapper as the prime suspect, but sources told ABC News he is not believed to be the man in question.

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The execution video has undergone intense analysis by intelligence agencies, private companies and amateur sleuths online, all looking for any clues that could be helpful in identifying Foley's killer or finding other hostages held by ISIS.

Several U.S. military imagery analysts told ABC News that the movement of Foley's shadow throughout the course of the video indicated the footage was shot over a period of time in the morning, perhaps less than a couple hours.

An amateur analyst writing for the new site Bellingcat deduced by landmarks in the video that it was possibly shot near Raqqah, Syria, near where U.S. special operations forces launched a failed rescue mission for American hostages in July.

After Foley, at least three other American hostages are believed to be held by ISIS. All three have been threatened with execution.