Queen Hosts 27 Christmas Guests

Queen Elizabeth will have trouble making room for all the royal family.
3:03 | 12/20/11

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Transcript for Queen Hosts 27 Christmas Guests
We're back at 742 and -- hosting you know -- big family Christmas we struggle with where to put everyone during the holiday. Celebrations you can relate -- -- -- -- had the same problem. She's got so many family members piling -- for the weekend that she may not happen now that's what to do what to two weakening here. The -- -- again you have some solution in. Antitank and Israeli what are they gonna do Robin -- case you lost track Queen Elizabeth has one husband for children eight grandchildren and one niece and nephew. Plus there's spouses and children that adds up to 27 family members coming for Christmas which means the royal chambers are fully blocked and then -- All eyes were on -- last night the military awards. We're standing by will side -- stolen show with a stunning black strapless Alexander McQueen dress. Just hours earlier the couple attended a more traditional Christmas lunch at Buckingham Palace. It all leads up to the big Christmas weekend in keeping with tradition. The royal family will gather at -- -- house a country estate that sits on 28000 acres of land in eastern England the festivities Begin with chai -- on Christmas deep. Followed by formal dinner and the official opening of gifts no kids should be huge. Or excessively expensive the queen likes -- -- -- things like this actually. Hand -- gifts and on the 25 that there will be no lounging in Christmas pajamas for Kate. I think we can expect to see quite a few different out for his from the duchess of Cambridge whereas you and I might think one dress will be enough -- Day it's absolutely not when it comes to spending Christmas with the role flattening. You addressed the breakfast you -- for lunch you -- to -- -- -- -- -- It is -- that. -- seven royals are expected for the holiday weekend. The biggest Christmas gathering in years which puts -- queen in an awkward situation. Where to put the ball. A problem many not so royal families face over the holidays so who could be scrambling for alternate quarters. The queen's grandchildren will be just fine. Despite their mother being on the outs -- in UGE sometimes more famous for their -- -- prince -- children. And -- whose new husband made way for some -- Embarrassment earlier this year it was reported. Favorite bands will not mentioned -- -- William and Harry. The Daily Mail reports at the -- nieces and nephews that children -- sister Margaret could be put in a less desirable wing. Odds are Kate in will will be just fine. On Christmas Day the royals will be seen coming from church -- then onto traditional Turkey lunch we hope with all the fix sends. They'll watch the queen's speech and play a few rounds of charade. -- scrabble. There were reports that -- sister -- could be joining the royals this weekend but those reports were quickly dismissed. This will be Kate's first Christmas away from her immediate family she will likely spend some time with them after this Christmas -- -- going to be tough for her right now there's no way they're very close hating fat cats -- -- who -- what they're. All right and I think you.

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{"id":15195789,"title":"Queen Hosts 27 Christmas Guests","duration":"3:03","description":"Queen Elizabeth will have trouble making room for all the royal family.","url":"/GMA/video/queen-elizabeth-hosts-27-royal-guests-christmas-15195789","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}