Dad Turns to Botox to Impress at Daughters' Weddings

ABC News' Linsey Davis and Cathy Becker report:

John Sharman is not exactly the type of guy you would imagine going into a plastic surgeon's office to have a little work done.

The 56-year-old from Blackwood, N.J., is a man's man who makes his living as a truck driver. He also is the father of three daughters, all of whom are getting married within seven months of each other.

The once-in-a-lifetime occasions happening all at once were the perfect opportunity for his daughters to convince Sharman to do what more and more dads are doing these days, getting Botox treatments to look good at their children's weddings.

"With the weddings coming up he's going to be seeing people he hasn't seen in a long time," Jennifer, 28, Sharman's middle daughter who is planning an April wedding, told " Good Morning America." "It was the perfect opportunity."

While all three daughters agreed that their dad could use a little filler, it was Sharman's youngest daughter, Nicole, married last July, who instigated the Botox intervention.

"We have pictures where you can see it really bad," Nicole, 25, said of her dad's appearance. "He's going to be photographed at weddings."

It was not just Sharman's daughters who urged him to get Botox. His mother, 80-year-old Charlotte Smith, also urged her son on.

"Because he's under stress, marrying three daughters, he was getting the laugh lines, getting the crow's feet," said Smith, who herself has had three facelifts.

"She always told me, 'If you're gonna be a truck driver, be the best looking one you can be," Sharman said of his mom.

In an effort not to disappoint his mom or his daughters, Sharman agreed to get help from Dr. Steven Davis, founder of the Davis Cosmetic Plastic Surgery center in Cherry Hill, N.J.

"He really wants to look really good in these wedding photos and he just wants to make sure he's captured as this really youthful-looking guy," said Davis.

Davis, a board-certified plastic surgeon, used the wrinkle-reduction device Pelleve, which uses radio-frequency energy, to tighten Sharman's skin before inserting Botox around his eyes to reduce the crow's feet.

The final step in Sharman's Botox treatment was filler injected into the creases of his mouth for a more youthful appearance.

Just weeks after the treatment, Sharman got the seal of approval from his daughters, who declared him looking a good five years younger.

"I think he looks awesome," said Nicole.

"I love it," said Jennifer. "I think he looks great."

"[He looks] definitely fresh and rejuvenated," said Jackie, 30, whom Sharman walked down the aisle in September. "Hopefully he'll be confident in our photos for the big day."