Tired of Brushing? New Toothbrush Claims to Clean Teeth in 6 Seconds

If you're tired of spending the recommended two minutes brushing your teeth every morning and night, a new toothbrush claims it can help you get a deep, clean in six seconds.

The Blizzident toothbrush looks a bit like a mouth guard with bristles, and a 3-D printer customizes the fit for each customer. Ringing in at $299, the toothbrush lasts for a full year, a bit longer than the recommended three to four months for toothbrush replacement recommended by the American Dentistry Association.

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According to Chris Martin, spokesman for Blizzident, the goal was to create a toothbrush that would make "perfect brushing as easy as biting into an apple.

"The intent was to create a tool that simply cleans perfectly everywhere," said Martin. "The six-second brushing time was just a side effect of the invention, but that was not even intended."

Some dentists have their doubts about this new dental gadget, especially when it comes to cutting down on the brushing time.

"There's some things that don't make sense about this," said Dr. Mark S. Wolff, a dentist and associate dean for pre-doctoral clinical education at the New York University College of Dentistry

Wolff called the Blizzident "a novel idea" but said more evidence was needed to show that the device would work effectively and over a long period of time.

"I guess [it's] for the man who has everything. I don't see the general applicability, to tell the truth," said Wolff. "Could it work? The answer is yes, but I approach it with a sense of skepticism."

Wolff said people are supposed to spend two minutes brushing their teeth, because it takes two minutes for the fluoride in the toothpaste to work effectively.

"A child who runs in to the bathroom and in 15 seconds is back watching cartoons," is not brushing long enough, said Wolff.

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The Blizzident toothbrush claims to clean teeth in six seconds flat. (Blizzident)