Would You Volunteer to Get the Flu For $3,000?

No one wants to get the flu, but what if you could get paid to suffer through the virus?

Scientists with the National Institutes of Health are looking for up to 100 brave volunteers to have the virus sprayed into their noses.

The people who are willing to battle sneezes, sniffles and aches for the sake of science could be compensated as much as $3,000 for their time, according to the study protocols.

Daniel Bennett, 26, a restaurant worker from College Park. Md., was one of the people who volunteered to contract the flu, a virus that kills thousands of people every year, according to the Centers For Disease Control and Prevention.

"I received a very scolding email from my mother," Bennett told the Associated Press. "Their standards are so high, I don't believe I'm in danger."

Bennett and other volunteers will be required to spend at least nine days quarantined at a hospital as doctors observe how their bodies react at different stages of the flu. The goal is to gain insight into how scientists can create a better flu vaccine, according to the study protocol details posted online.

Doctors will administer surveys to the patients and collect their nasal fluids daily for future research. The participants aren't released until nasal tests show they are no longer contagious.

Think you're game? Learn more about the NIH study here.

(Image Credit: Charles Dharapak/AP Photo)